The air is cooled by evaporation of water in it. Water is supplied to the air through our evaporative cooling system.
The system consists of the following parts:
• Water treatment unit (filters)
• High-pressure pump (up to 70 atm.)
• Evaporation panels (annular tubular units with vortex nozzles).


Water under high pressure, passing through the nozzle (outlet diameter 0.2-0.5 mm), turns into fine droplets (less than 10 microns). The surface area of water evaporation increases dramatically (about 10,000 times). As a result, the water droplets instantly evaporate and absorb a large amount of heat from the surrounding air. All this leads to cooling of the air.
Calculations show that the evaporation of 1 gram of water per 1 m3 of air reduces the temperature of this volume of air by about 2 ° C, but at the same time its humidity increases. The limit of the cooling air due to the evaporation of water in it is saturated steam. You can only vaporize the amount of water that the air can absorb at temperature and pressure.
In the calculations for the modernization of the evaporative cooling tower using our technology, we limit the maximum water saturation of the outdoor air entering the cooling tower at 80-85% to avoid reducing the cooling tower’s cooling capacity. Recycled water.
As for radiator cooling towers, there is no such restriction, and the use of our evaporative air cooling system gives them a greater effect than on evaporative cooling towers.

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The innovation of our design lies in the fact that the dependence of the cooling tower’s efficiency on the ambient temperature is significantly reduced due to forced air cooling, by supplying it with an estimated amount of water in a highly dispersed state. This water instantly completely evaporates, without settling on the structural elements of the cooling tower. Thus, the cooling air prevents further corrosion of metal parts and salt contamination of the cooling tower heat exchangers.
Our solution does not require any changes to the design of the cooling tower. All our equipment is located nearby, and we can upgrade the cooling tower without decommissioning it.