In industrial plants and thermal power plants, process equipment works with the release of large amounts of heat. Excessive heat leads to overheating of the equipment and reducing its productivity, lower product quality, obtaining a marriage and can lead to damage to the equipment.
Excess heat is removed from the back of the equipment with water, which circulates in the cooling system. Recycled water is also used to condense the distillate in refrigerators and capacitors in the process of rectification of oil, in the turbine condenser of electric generating plant. The lower the temperature of the circulating water, the more the product is condensed. Excess heat which recycled water received from the process equipment is discharged into the atmosphere in cooling towers. After passing through the cooling tower circulating water temperature should drop in order to the water could cool the equipment again.
But the degree of cooling water after the cooling tower directly connected to the outdoor temperature. The increasing the outdoor temperature leads to lower work efficiency of cooling the circulating water in a cooling tower. The main problem of all existing types of cooling towers – high outdoor temperature in summer.